New Build: Rift ‘Bubblegum’

New Build: Rift ‘Bubblegum’

New Build: Rift ‘Bubblegum’

We’d like to introduce you to our latest “Rift” model. We haven’t made one of these for a while and thought it was about time we resurrected it! We went for a pretty wild, 80s / 90s vibe, using a composite fabric top and fluorescent pink and blue powder to fill the grain of the Swamp Ash base.

The bridge is an amazing piece of engineering, designed and build by Sophie Docx of Dorian GuitarsĀ®. It has been designed for incredible resonance and sustain. Like all of Dorian GuitarsĀ® components, it’s been design for ambidextrous playing and can be easily reversed for a left handed guitar.

The pickups are by Oil City PickupsĀ® and have red/pink copper windings, to match the overall look of the guitar.

This is quite different from many of the guitars we’ve made previously, but it’s great fun to branch out of our comfort zone and do something wild now and again.