How can I try one of your guitars?

Workshop visits can be arranged via email or telephone (07923388193). Alternatively, you can catch us exhibiting at select guitar shows, be sure to follow us on social media for all news of these. 


How much do your guitars cost?

All currently “in stock” models, with their prices and specs are shown on the Ordering page.  

Prices for commissioned builds start at £3000 and are dictated by your desired specifications. If you’d like a quote on a custom build then please get in touch with us via email ([email protected]) or telephone (07923388193) 


How long will my guitar take to build?

Build times are between 4-6 months but can fluctuate depending on work load, complexity and material availability.


Do you have a waiting list?

We have a waiting list for commissions, usually approximately 2-4 months, however this can change, depending on work load.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, for commissioned builds we ask a 10% of the final price to hold you on the waiting list and then a further  40% once you’re at the top of the list and we can begin work on your build.


What happens if I change my mind on the specs during the build process?

Certain aspects of the build can be changed but may increase build times and incur additional charges.


Do you make basses?

Yes, we haven’t gotten around to making any bass stock models yet but we’re more than happy to build them to order.


Can you make a left handed version of any of your guitars?

Yes, left handed versions of all our guitars are available at no extra cost.


Do you ship to my country & how much will it cost?

Almost certainly yes. We have no problem shipping internationally. If we can find a reliable courier to send it with, then we’re happy to do so. Shipping charges can vary wildly from country to country, if you want to know how much it will cost, then feel free to send us an email with your location and we can advise you on the estimated charges.


Do you provide cases with your guitars?

Yes, usually we will provide a custom moulded flightcase with any purchase. Please note that cases are built after any guitar is sold so there a waiting time of 4-5 weeks until the case is ready and we are able to ship. If you don’t want to wait this time then other case options can be arranged.


Can I or my band have an endorsement?

We do offer endorsement options to select artists and bands. The main criteria are that you are serious about the music you create and you’re actively pushing your music and band forward. This includes regular live gigs, prominent social media presence and professional recordings of your material. If you are interested in an endorsement, please get in touch with us and we can discuss your options.

Please note: We do not offer free instruments and being paid in “exposure” alone is not acceptable. We do offer discount rates with endorsements but if you’re looking for free guitars, we will politely decline.


Resin Hybrid Specific F.A.Q.

1. What is it made from?

The resin hybrid builds are made from a mixture of wood burls, cut into slabs and then set in Epoxy resin.


2. How much does it weigh?

It very much depends on which wood you use with the resin and what the wood to resin ratio is. They average at around 4 – 5kg, so similar to a Les Paul. The bodies can be chambered to lighten them up a little, if weight is a concern.


3. Does the resin affect the tone?

Not that we have noticed. without getting too deep into the tone wood argument, the resin has no pronounced effect on the tone of the guitar. We will be uploading sound files in the near future so you can decide for yourself whether it’s for you or not.


4. Why do they generally cost more than full wood builds?

They take a lot more time & effort to build and use more expensive materials.


5. Can you tint the resin different colours?

Yes, absolutely. You can tint the resin to any colour and any depth of opacity.