Welcome to Stone Wolf Guitars!

Hi, my name is Mike and, alongside my business partner Martin, we’ve been running Stone Wolf Guitars since 2013. I build all our guitars by hand, in my workshop in Northamptonshire.

I struggle when it comes to describing my guitars as a whole. I can’t help feeling that phrases like “premium quality” and “using only the finest materials” would be nothing but meanless corporate speak. All I can say is that I care a great deal about my guitars and want them to last for decades. Part of trying to achieve that is using good quality wood and components, from sources I trust.

While I really do love wood, I don’t deify it as the be-all and end-all of guitar building materials. Many of my guitars use resins and resin-composite materials in them and I don’t think that’s a problem. Players will often ask me what they sound like and all I can really say is “like a guitar”. My best advice is try one and decide for yourself.


I’m a self taught guitar maker, that’s been building guitars since 2010. I started building guitars because I was forced to quit my regular job, as a motorbike mechanic, due to being put on kidney dialysis. During the years I couldn’t work, I needed something to keep my mind ticking over, and guitar building filled the void. I had played guitar for many years and had always wanted to build one for myself, but had no free time or woodworking knowledge. The free time was handed to me by my health but the woodworking knowledge was still missing.

I decided to press ahead anyway and bought a set of chisels, a guitar making tutorial book and a block of Sapele…The results were more than underwhelming. Despite my attempts being really quite bad, I got bitten by the guitar making bug and never stopped doing it. The guitars I made in the following couple of years still weren’t anything amazing but I was slowly improving and gaining confidence. I had met my business partner, Martin during that time and he suggested giving the guitars a go as a proper business. We created the company in 2013 and have never looked back. When I look back at the guitars I made in those years, it makes me cringe quite a lot but they were a great learning experience and gave me the fundamental woodworking knowledge that I desperately needed.

These days, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, making guitars and running this business is one of the most rewarding, albeit stressful, things I can think of. I hope you all enjoy my guitars and feel free to contact me for any questions or orders!

Email[email protected]

Phone – +447923 388 193