New Commission: The Firecaster

The Firecaster was the brainchild of our friend and endorsee, Pete “Riffmonkey” Humphries. From the start, Pete had a clear and concise vision for his build. It needed to be a cross between a Gibson® Firebird® and a Fender® Telecaster®. After experimenting with a few different designs, we settled on using a slightly modified version of our Bayou body shape. The bottom cut-out was removed and we added a raised centre block to give it more of a Firebird® feel.

The Firecaster was loaded with a Seymour Duncan® Invader in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck. Pete primarily plays dark, fuzzy riffs and this pickup combination fits that perfectly! making this guitar absolutely rock solid for rhythm and studio work.

Pete is currently playing with the band Season of the Witch UK and we’re really looking forward to seeing him wielding this beauty!

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