New Build: Syrtis (Bengal)

Here is our newest Syrtis build. We’re nicknaming it the “Bengal” as over time it turned more and more into a tiger. This was a very complex build to complete and took a lot longer than most of our others. We changed the body shape fairly dramatically from the older Syrtis models, making it a lot more rounded and comfortable to play, especially when sitting down. We also bound each individual wing section in ebony, which was quite a bit more labourious than we had anticipated but it definitely worth the time.

This build also debuts a new model of Oil City Pickups, the “X-Breed”. These are built with half neodymium magnets (the bottom 3 strings) and half Alnico (the top 3 strings). This setup allows for incredibly tight and responsive bottom end but without a piercing “icepick” top end. Played through the clean channel, the clarity is unparalleled. When overdriven this thing growls like a beast without loosing definition.

We’re really proud of this build and it will be setting the standard for how the Syrtis model is made, going forward. To check out the full specs, head over to the models page and to see some more pictures, head over to the gallery!

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