New Model: The Ikara

New Model: The Ikara

Hey everyone!

New model day today, introducing the Ikara! This one came out of trying to update an old shape and it gradually morphed into an entirely new one! This model is super comfy to play and really hugs your body.

This is also the first public debut of Oil City pickups Neodymium pickups. These things sound incredible! Outstanding clarity on both clean and distorted channels. Here is a quote from the builder of the pickups.

The Oil City BlackWolf Neodymium is the first of a whole new breed of passive pickups. For years now pickup makers have struggled to harness the obvious advantages of Neodymium’s amazing bass end tightness and instant tracking combined with brutal power, but have constantly run across the issues of uncontrollable top end and vicious string pull that dampens sustain.

After lots of lateral thinking and prototype testing, I came up with the unique ‘T F R’ (tuned field response) magnet array that powers the Oil City BlackWolf Neo. This magnet array allows the clear note separation and huge power, without excessive string pull or ice pick treble. The pickup is remarkably quiet and free from feedback issues due an internal structure with no large air gaps, and is as ‘at home’ in six or seven string variants. Acoustic like clean tones and searing drive are easily available, with tracking and bass response that exceeds that of ceramic magnet pickups.

I believe the Oil City BlackWolf Neo is the most ground-breaking design I’ve ever produced, and perfect as the power-house for Mike at Stonewolf’s ground-breaking guitar designs.<blockquote\>

We love this new design and have a second one already complete, keep your eyes peeled for that coming in the next week or two!




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