Out of the Workshop: Syrtis Buckeye

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Out of the Workshop: Buckeye Syrtis

Hello Everyone!

To kick off 2018, we have a new Syrtis build for you! This one really shows off the potential of the resin channel body construction.

We had a small block of Buckeye Burl, that usually would have been far too small to use for a guitar, however, with the resin channel body, we can adjust the orientation of the channels to accommodate for the size of the available wood. It gives an interesting design and illustrates how versatile the resin channel can be.

For the centre section, we used a Walnut laminate with an Ebony top. The contrast with the Buckeye wings makes for a very striking aesthetic. The neck is made from highly figured Poisonwood with a Purpleheart Middle layer and a Pale Moon Ebony fretboard.

The build has ABM® bridge saddles and Schaller® M6 Locking tuners. As a centrepiece we have a set of custom built Oil City Pickups®. These were fully customised for this build, featuring completely transparent bobbins! They sounds incredible and really set the build off beautifully!

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