New Model: Syrtis


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New Model: The Syrtis

Hello everyone!

We have a stunning new model to show off to you all. The Syrtis is coming in as a replacement for our now discontinued Huntsman model.

The Syrtis brings with it a host of new customisation options, the first of these being the addition of multi-scale options with all our models.

Multi-scale guitars can offer a marked increase in comfort and playability, especially to those playing extended range or baritone guitars. We’re happy to say we’re able to offer all manner of multi-scale options with our builds.

The Syrtis also features a new “resin channel” body construction. This means the body’s wings are connected to the central section via clear resin channels. Not only does this give a unique look but, offers a huge amount of potential customisation. The resin channels can be cast in any shape or orientation, giving virtually limitless possibilities.

We loaded this one with a pair of Bare Knuckle Pickups®Painkillers, ABM® Single Saddle Bridges & Graphtech® Ratio tuners and TUSQ nut.

If you like what you see, get in touch with our Contact Form and we can create your own custom Syrtis!


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